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About TastyNomNom

the story, told by edapita

Seven years ago, J's then-SO, N, made lasagna. They invited myself and then-SO - G, to dinner. They got married, moved to the East Coast. We missed them. We visited them whenever we can. G and I got married. We visited them some more. During those years, G never stopped talking about that lasagna.

Fast forward to last year. They moved back.  We rotated and had dinner at each others' house - some cured meats snacks in the winter time, grilled burgers in the summer time, then came three fowls for Thanksgiving ... and a dozen variety of cookies for Christmas...

One day, G requested the lasagna and N obliged. N made three pans of lasagna. We looked at each other and wondered how it got so out of hand. And out of hand it continues ... J and I decided to write it all down.

the story, told by jess

After N and I moved back to the east coast in mid-2003, we kept talking about how we used to have "dinner parties" with E+G. We reminisced about ribs and lasagna and cioppino and many, many, MANY cakes.

We moved back to the left coast in late 2008 and I think all four of us were thinking, "hey! we can start those dinners back up again!" The dinners evolved to a mostly-weekly meetup of dinner plus games (where I found myself surprised that N likes games!).

E has been trying to take photos of every dinner we have so she can nudge her memory later on. I have been thinking it would be fun to document our meals and games played. Put these things together and you have TastyNomNom!