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Hi J!
It was wishful thinking on my part to make a summery dish like Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad. (But hey, it was sunny yesterday!) Instead of grilling in the cold, I substituted meat balls to accompany the noodle salad.

I started with an herb blend of lemongrass, cilantro, Thai basil, garlic, green onions, serrano, and processed until fine. Then gently tossed in mixture of half lean beef and pork, eggs, formed into little balls, and let rest for a few hours.

While the meatball rests, I took advantage of having the food processor out and made the Extra-Green Green Goddess Dip.. Mmm.

The condiments for the rice noodles included lettuce, fried shallots, fried cilantro, sliced jalapenos, pickled carrots and daikon, roasted peanuts, and Sriracha, with a vinaigrette - fish sauce, [water], lime juice, rice vinegar, sugar, garlic and Serrano chillis. I like how everyone can assemble their own plates with proportions they like.

photo.jpgD's first plate ... with Sriracha drizzles

Our guest this week, D - coworkerfriend, cleaned up spectacularly. He had three helpings. I hope he liked the food.

After dinner, we tried New World (BGG link). I got this game recently on D's recommendation.  I like this variant of Carcassonne, even if we miss the rules. N said his favorite part is kicking the farmers off the board after the surveyor passed. This game seems to have more elements of chance. I would definitely play again.

Game night action shot!

And we took a break in between the games ... to enjoy some bread pudding, made with leftover pulla from last week.

Pulla bread puddingPulla bread pudding with creme anglaise

Hope you enjoy the guest appearance of D. See you next time!

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