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Mmm soup

Hi J -

Did you notice it was 38°F the other morning? It is definitely soup weather and we have eaten a lot of soup in the last few weeks. We were both craving Hot and Sour Soup. Mmm...

hot n sour soup

I started with chicken broth, added cloves of garlic and ginger, simmer for a few; then added shiitake, black ear, straw mushrooms, silken tofu, chicken breast, then seasoned with soy sauce, vinegar, white pepper. Right before serving I swirled in some eggs and finished with a little corn starch.

G wanted broccoli beef, his good ol standby.  I marinated stripes of good steak with soy sauce, sesame oil, and ginger for a few hours. I heated the large saute pan, stir fried and steamed the broccoli, take them out of the pan, and stir fried the beef, then threw the meat back in the pan to toss together.

I wanted to try making Three Cup Chicken. I had this dish when my aunt and uncle visited a while back at Yea's Wok. It was new to me and very tasty. I did a little research and found out it is a Taiwanese dish. I started with Rasa Malaysia's Three Cup Chicken Recipe and substituted chicken breast, and added Chinese Salted Cured Pork.

three cup chicken and broccoli beef

The tricky thing for me when serving multi-courses [especially Chinese Food] is putting all the dishes on the table at the same time. Mise en place is very important and I am always worry that I would forget my own organization methods for which dishes go with which prep bowls. Tonight's victim was the tea. Ugh, sorry for bitter tea. Also, I did not follow the 1 soup + number of dishes = total number of guest guideline. I did one less - only two dishes and one soup. Exercised Restrain!

After dinner, distracted rounds of Angry Birds, CuteSchuffinCatalog, and G showing off his Grass, we played Capitalism (aka Acquire).

g playing a tile in acquireIs that a merger happening?

I tried a slightly different strategy, still lost big time!) Heh! I am a terrible capitalist. We ended the evening as we always do - a round of Bean Game 🙂  That's for for now, stay dry and warm.

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