tasty nom nom an exception to the daily meal


No more chicken …

Hi J-

The plan was to have light(er) food -  to try to play a new game while not in food coma. It sort of worked. Although we did not intend for N not to eat at all. Sorry! G is having a no-good-grilling-chicken year.

Olives + snap peas snacks, wings + salad, store bought potato salad, and watermelon. I am mildy amused that G and N like the exact opposite kinds of potato salad - Deviled Egg vs German.  I like them both! Mmm.


mmm garlic...

For the salad, I tossed some non-fresh bread and garlic spread leftover from when I made garlic bread and Wicked Shrimp, quickly in a hot pan to make garlicy croutons. (Note to self, don't forget fishies next time!) The wingz were our standard, with his spicy and her less spicy rub, and dressed (or not-dressed) with various sauces.

Looking ahead, we will be serving non-chicken for the foreseeable future, Anything But Chicken.

Then we sat down to play new to us Acquire BGG link. I knew G would like this game, and wasn't sure if N would. (And we are less picky than those two!) I think the each-person-read-rules-by-themselves method,  look up clarification when necessary, worked out well for us. (vs reading rules outloud, or one person try to teach the rules).


I can see your tiles J!

N won, by a lot. I think we all enjoyed it! We will definitely play it again. Or perhaps revisiting some of the oldies but goodies longer duration games. Thanks for taking good pics! See you in a couple of weeks!

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