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Chinese New Year

Dear J

I'd thought we should celebrate Year of the Tiger with some Chinese Food.  Here is what I am thinking -

  • Drunken Chicken (plus dipping sauces)
    make ahead. Rasamalaysia recipe or Epicurious recipe
  • (Chicken) Potstickers
    freshly fried just in time. storebought.
  • Hot and soup soup
    make ahead, heat-n-serve
  • Black Bean Spareribs
    make ahead, heat-n-serve
  • Bokchoy & shitake mushrooms
    freshly made
  • Red Bean Soup
    make ahead, drizzle with coconut milk before servering

Rule of thumb - # of people = number of dishes, then plus 1 soup and dessert. Variety of meat - chicken, pork, and a green things. Hrmph, No beef may be problematic.   Now I know there was much discussion about sweet and sour pork and egg drop soup... and EAST COAST Chinese food. If we do not fit the sweet and sour pork with red #5 in this time, we will figure out another time ... soon. Oh, I also want to pick up some New Year candy, wanna go to 99 Ranch with me?

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