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Hi J!

I asked G what he wanted to making - country ribs was his answer. I think we are stuck in a rut. Creativity set aside,  I concentrated on paring down with just guca + salsa + chips, simple Cesar salad, and G's country ribs.


less spicy, and more spicy country ribs

Mmm mmm .. I was chuckling when N asked about the Mission Strips chip selection. I preemptively avoided the responsibility, and the blame, and the controversy, when I asked G to select the chips for guacamole and salsa. "Strips" "Rounds" "White corn" "Yellow corn" "Crunchy"...

Then G added [store bought] potato salad ...... and your stone fruits and berries cobblers, recipe from joyofbaking was so tasty! Paired with Black Raspberry Swirl ice cream from Vivians /Theno's, yum. I see the future, where I have cobbler for dinner.


I was surprised when everyone agreed to play Mama Mia. I thought N doesn't particularly like this game?

photo.jpg G making pizza

I think I've narrowed down to a short list of games - Modern Art, Ark, Wasabi, Acquire, and Frank's Zoo. Putting them on the $ queue.

Recipe for country ribs:

  • brine at least one day ahead (chicken broth, herbs, and salt)
  • pat dry, sprinkle with rub ( paprika, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, chipotle, oregano, white pepper, garlic, salt, pepper)
  • periodically spray (coke, water, bbq) G was testing whether spray is better than mob for a good crunch. He did not care for this version
  • indirect heat for ~ 6 hrs
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