tasty nom nom an exception to the daily meal


Everything tastes better with pork

Hi J!

It seems like forever (since May!) that we cooked at our place  -  before G & N's crazy hours (plus work trip), before your European vacation, before my foot surgery..  I think this is our first burger + salad this summer?

photo.jpgburger topped with mortadella

Quick, simple, and not overdoing it ... me thinks. Oh, excuse the crumbs on the plate, I was half way through my burger before I realized I didn't grab a pic. And oh, never minded that I couldn't resist and made a small chocolate cake recipe from epicurious, with cream cheese + whipped cream frosting.

After dinner, I managed to collect King Louis XVI in Guillotine, first time in recent memory ... then of course, I lost all the sequence games. I think it is time to find some new games. Do you have anything in mind? I am thinking about Wasabi, Acquire, and maybe replace Modern Art... or maybe San Juan... oh can't decide!

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