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Pizza Trial

Hi J -

Phew! The cake-rush is over - three cakes in four weeks. G was very indecisive about his cake. So we ended up with a graham cracker crusted strawberry pie.  Let me just say it is better frozen.


Back to the main dish for the evening - stuffed deep dish pizza. I ordered a deep dish pan a few weeks ago, after our friend Randy in Chicago mentioned getting pizza for dinner. G talks about the pizza at Giordanos often, even thought it was over five years ago we ate there. I'd thought I would give deep dish at home a try for his Birthday.

I made my usual pizza dough on Thursday. I used honey instead of white sugar, and increased wheat flour to 1 cup. The dough was active and I ended up kneading it again with floured hands on Friday. The recipe was enough for the 14" deep dish plus a calzone portion and a fun size bread stick.

The layers consisted of mozzarella cheese, pre-cooked bits of Fletchers Italian sausage, and sliced spicy pepperoni from Golden Steer. I added extra cheese on half.  Another layer of dough, sauce, and Romano cheese to top it off.  It baked, covered,  in 450°F convection mode on top of a pizza stone for 45 minutes, then 350°F for another 15. First time was not a charm, I can think of many improvements. G thinks there weren't enough cheese or toppings.


I also threw together a romaine salad, stuffed mushrooms, tomatoes/moz/basil salad, and prosciutto wrapped asparagus to go with the pizza. (read: Backup Food)


You brought lot o beer to go with meal. Yummy. Some of the leftover Guinness will be made into a Chocolate Stout Cake for the next cake-occasion.

I suggested we play Mama Mia after tummy full of pizza. I like the pizza game even thought I am terrible at counting cards or remembering which ingredient to save. Some of the pizza combination in the game is not particularly appetizing - four bell peppers and mushrooms. Heh. We also managed a couple games of Guillotine. I think it is time to switch the order of play / seat or something. This way, we can change up who we be mean to.

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