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Four Plus One

Dear E --

I am recovering from mass quantities of guacamole and corn pudding! I hope you share the corn pudding recipe.

N's mom was in town this past weekend and it was nice to cook for her for once!

table set

Saturday morning, N went out to Sutter Home and Hearth to pick up some more charcoal. While there, he picked up yet another Big Green Egg Eggcessory -- this time the Cast Iron Griddle. The griddle is really cool -- it's how he did the peppers and onions and then the shrimp.


N marinated the flank steak overnight in orange juice to break down the tendon and other chewy bits, and then added seasoning and garlic to the OJ and marinated it for another 12 hours or so. The shrimp and vegetables were also seasoned before cooking.

N also made his pepper salsa at my urging. I picked up the peppers but sadly I couldn't find habañeros anywhere!

pepper salsa

Lots of jalapeños, serranos, anaheims, pasillas, a couple of bell peppers (for color), red onion, a tomato or two, cilantro, and lime juice. Salt to taste. I don't think he put any garlic in it [??!].

I made a massive amount of guacamole!


9 (small) avocadoes, half a (large) diced red onion, 1.5 bunches of cilantro, juice of 4[?] limes, two diced tomatoes, a whole head of minced garlic, salt (and more salt).

Add in some margaritas -- Patrón Silver, Tarantula Azul, Cointreau and Stirrings Margarita Mix -- and your corn pudding and it was a nice meal!

[not to mention dessert! mm]

N's mom crashed and avoided our furious games of Uno. Smart move!

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  1. I am fighting to suppress the “tasty” “nom nom” “nom nom” “tasty” silliness from taking over!

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