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Too much of a good thing…

...  = scrambled egg. Oh, Hi J!


Happy Cake Day to N!

Last few times I made pastry cream (custard, creme anglaise, etc), the recipes call for and I used whole milk. This time, "I wonder if there is a really good recipe for an exceptional custard". So, I tried the Bostini recipe from Rose Levy Beranbaum. The recipe calls for heavy cream. Twice, the mixture [at the last step] turned from liquid to scramble egg in a nano second. I went back to a whole milk recipe for the custard for this Boston Cream Pie.

I did make the orange chiffon cake from the Bostini recipe,  and a whipped ganache to crumb coat the cake (from a tip in the Nick Malgieri Chocolate book).  Then I used another Nick Malgieri chocolate glaze recipe of heavy cream and chocolate.  One day, I will have a perfect smooth cake, with shinny glaze (without the corn syrup)...

Whoops, back from the cake-dream. I almost forgot the Chevy's Fresh Mex Sweet Corn Tomalito. Mmm Ymm ... Chevy's Tex Mex. When N said fajitas was on the menu, I couldn't help myself and had to make the corn pudding. Sadly, I did not produce any stale cactus to decorate the pudding. I am a slacker!

I also tried my hand at marinated mushrooms, recipe from chow.com. We added more salt and more balsamic vinegar and it was passable. I guess we like salt and balsamic, a lot.


N's mom is always a lot of fun. I love how she told you that since I like avocados, I must be from California! Thanks for inviting us!

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