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Lamb Dopiaza

Word Up, E!

I think sometimes it's good for us to do day-before planning and see what happens. Ha! I asked N what he would like to have and he suggested Indian, which just happened to be the same idea I had. N really wanted to get some goat meat but instead I pulled a lamb shoulder out of the freezer and he was tasked with preparing it.

N made lamb dopiaza, using parts of this recipe from Terry's Kitchen and this recipe from Curry Frenzy.


N trimmed the meat and cubed it, then tossed it in seasoned flour. He fried it up to try to help seal in the juices and avoid the "boiled meat" taste and texture later on. I don't think he was quite happy with how this worked -- he thought it still tasted too much like boiled meat.

I made curried cauliflower on the fly, though my method was similar to this recipe. I added two serrano peppers and that spiked the spice level up a bit higher than I intended! Whoops! Sorry. Glad we had some rice to tone that down.

My naan was a bit of a failure this time! I've made this recipe (from 1000 Indian Recipes, a good Indian cookbook) many times, but never in this oven. The rack was a little close to the broiler and I kept catching the bread on fire. Crap! Thankfully we had plenty of rice!

chocolate shortbread

You brought tasty chocolate shortbread with orange curd and whipped cream. Maybe you'll share a recipe later?

We played one rounds of Straw followed by two games of Carcassonne with the first Rivers expansion. You kicked butt in Carcassonne and won both games! I used to hate Carcassonne but now I am liking it a lot more.

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