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Sandwiched cookies

Dear J -

Here is the link to the recipe for the sandwiched cookies we had after Lamb Dopiaza.

I was on a citrus kick. I wanted to make orange curd ... (after making blood orange and meyer lemon marmalade). You came up with a great idea to serve it with shortbread. So I found this Dark Chocolate Shortbread recipe from Epicurious. I followed the reviewer's recommendation and added additional flour and corn starch. Next, I wanted a more stable and thicker filling to make sandwich cookies. I did not want any oozing. I found Lemon filling recipe from Joy of Cooking (p 998). I used all orange juice. It turned out to be this unreal orange color.

The cookies turned out chocolaty and looks awfully unattractive. The filling has not really set as expected. It was gooey and runny. But citrus makes me happy! I hoped this sunny cookie chased away some blues.

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  1. yum! they were really good. we kept the plate in the fridge and snuck a cookie here and there for most of the week. 😉

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