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Cincy Style Chili

Good morning, E!

I was up very early this morning for a work conference call. Now it's 1030 and I've been thinking about lunch for an hour! Today is the sort of day I should eat two small breakfasts, I guess.

Back in January, N made Texas style chili. He then specifically requested I make Cincinnati style chili -- I promised him I would in February. Well, February came and went and I didn't make chili (oops). So I'm doing it this weekend.

Last time I made Cincinnati style chili, I used Grumpy Beer Geek's Batch 13 -- recipe here. I adjusted his recipe a bit and given how much sour cream my sister M had to add to it ("do you want some chili with that sour cream?"), I think I may have overspiced it just a tad. The recipe was a winner, though.

This time around, I think I am going to use Grumpy Beer Geek's latest recipe, batch 16.

I personally like my chili served over cornbread but since this is Cincinnati style, we'll have spaghetti as well as cornbread -- diner's choice! Plus the usual available toppings: diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, diced onion, diced jalapeƱos, sour cream. No coney-style dogs, though (mm, tube meat)!

I know you're not a huge fan of chili, but perhaps you'll enjoy the sweet-spicy-saucy Cincinnati-style chili a bit more than the usual type you have.

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