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Fried Stuff

Good morning, E!

It has taken me three days to recover from the fried mess here! I also had camnesia on Saturday, so I'm going to use your iPhone pictures!

burger and fries (salad not shown)

N and I were so involved with making three different types of dough that we slacked on the dinner plans and just made burgers with buns from Top, homemade french fries (a frying disaster!), and a salad I didn't bother to toss but really enjoyed eating as counter to all of that fried stuff.

I had already planned to make beignet, but N decided he wanted to make funnel cake since we were going to be frying anyway.

funnel cakes
funnel cakes

N made two different funnel cake recipes because he couldn't decide which would taste better and they are very different recipes.

He made Alton Brown's Funnel Cake recipe, which we all thought had a superior texture.

He also made this recipe, which we felt had a superior taste.


I made Buttermilk Beignet. The dough was really easy to make -- mostly buttermilk and flour. It was very wet and I had to resist the urge to add more flour to it. I liked being able to refrigerate the prepared dough until we were ready to fry them up.

The texture of the beignet changed quite a bit depending on the oil temperature -- we had some trouble keeping the temperature consistent on the large burner. At a lower temperature, the beignet were more oily. At a higher temperature, they puffed too quickly and were almost hollow inside. At the proper temperature of 375°F, they had dough texture inside and were crispy outside.

They were fairly bland, but very tasty dipped in pastry cream and raspberry purée!

After dinner and cleanup, G really wanted to play Uno! So once again, we played many games of Uno and kept score this time. In the end, the Uno champion reigned supreme. 🙂

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  1. Excuse me. But I need to go wash the grease off my face and hands.

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