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Dear J -

As I sit here and eat a fried dough breakfast (thanks!), my thought turns to whether cooking for others is more fun, or is it more enjoyable to eat what others have created.

I must say, feeding others is immensely more satisfying than feeding myself, but only when they enjoyed the meal. Perhaps it is cultural? Or maybe it is just selfish of me to cook for others so I can try out new recipes, techniques, styles, and etc.

Speaking of... I was lamenting the Chicken Mole at the now defunct Taco Del Rey in Renton.  That was yummy chicken mole. Then I got to thinking about all the yummy "taco trucks" in the Bay Area. I know nothing about Mexican cookery. So I borrowed Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen from the library. I am not sure what will come out of this experiment ...

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  1. It’s sort of cultural — but it crosses all cultures. From the stereotypical Italian grandmother, “Mangia, mangia!” to the stereotypical Russian (transliterated poorly by me), “Yesh, yesh!”

    That chicken mole made me SO FULL I could not walk!

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