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Dear J - I am looking forward to another wonderful year of friendship, fun, and fud with you and N. With a busy Saturday, I decided to use the slow cooker for a simple dish. I started with this chow recipe.I cooked the potatoes separately, parboiled and browned in the skillet. The roasted cauliflower was dressed with anchovy vinaigrette.


Although not a meal I would normally prepare, it was very simple and fast. It required little active time (and clean up was a snap also). Overall, not bad.

Which leads me to suggest a new game - Sushi Go BGG. You mentioned it while you are at the XOXO conference. A new game to start a new year.


Two of my favorite food- tempura and dumplings above. The draw and pass is interesting, as well as keeping an eye out on what other players are working towards. Good and light game for those low brain power evenings. The art makes me chuckle.

Keep smiling 🙂

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