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Chinese New Year


Dear J

Happy Year of the Tiger!

When I was prepping / cooking ahead for this meal, I thought to myself that this meal is not balanced. I have too many chicken dishes. When I mention that to you, you told me I was over-engr!  I worry a lot when I cook, especially when it is something 'different'. I am naturally a worrier but I am taking the first step in my 12 steps program to stop worrying. Ahem.

Below are links to recipes.

  • Drunken Chicken recipe and Soy Sauce Chicken recipe
    with chili dipping sauce (inspired by Hainanese Chicken Rice), dark soy sauce (from a bottle), and a ginger dipping sauce like this one
  • Pot Stickers, (store bought, frozen) with soy, vinegar, and ginger dipping sauce
  • Mapo Tofurecipe, I mistakenly bought firm tofu instead of silken. It hold it's shape, but not as er... silky.
  • Black Bean Spare Ribs, recipe with additional few hours of braise time in oven. I browned meat and simmered the sauce, then pile on top of an onion to braise in the oven for a few hours.
  • Hot and Sour soup, I tried lily buds for the first time. recipes are here and here and everywhere
  • Greens, recipe
  • Daikon / turnip cake, recipe here and there
  • Red Bean soup, red beans + palm sugar + brown slab sugar + tangerine peel + ginger + a few hours of simmer. I like my beans more broken down, which makes the soup thicker and more puree like.

After dinner, N and G watched Apolo Ohno win the Silver Metal in the short track. We had some quiet time and Red Bean soup. Hope you liked it!

We played a couple of games of Castle, but I think mostly everyone was in food coma. What happened to being hungry a couple of hours after Chinese Food?

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