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Happy Spring!

This year I thought of maslenitsa before it had passed. Almost every year I think of it too late, and N balks at eating bliny outside of maslenitsa, with this exception. Buckwheat bliny with savory toppings is one of my very favorite foods, and I would like to eat them more often: at least once a year for maslenitsa!

bliny minus bliny

You brought a friend from work, A, to dinner and she brought Olivier salad, another Russian standard. I really liked it! Very finely and precisely diced. Yum.

E's bliny

N made buckwheat and plain flour bliny. The buckwheat are my very favorite.

Toppings wise, we had: herring, hard boiled egg, caviar, pickles, smoked salmon, marinated red onion, sour cream, melted ghee, and khabanosy.

In addition to A's Olivier salad, we had vinegret and krasnaya kapusta (my transliteration there might be wrong).

And after dinner we played some Hello Kitty Uno!

Hello kitty uno
hello kitty uno

I love Hello Kitty Uno. It seems to make people play more nicely. Or maybe it just makes me smile.

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