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Meat ‘n Potatoes

Dear E,

I just noticed I had approximately 57 tabs open with recipes and remembered that I have fallen down on my TNN blog duty. Jeez. Whack me with a club!

Many weeks ago (ahem first weekend in February), we did a simple dinner of meat 'n potatoes. Last minute planning.

ribeye, latkes, asparagus

Grass-fed ribeyes from Whole Foods on the grill. Not much to say there!

Latkes -- fried in a combination of butter and sunflower oil. I think they need less potato powder and more potato shreds.

Aspargus, roasted in the oven a bit too long-- as usual! I cook it fine at home with us, but somehow, add company to the equation and I flail and the asparagus inevitably gets overcooked. Sigh!

After we booted someone from your seat, we played some Settlers of Catan.

Building with my Settlers of Catan pieces

Or maybe you all played Settlers and I worked on my architect skills. After Settlers, we pulled out my new Hello Kitty Uno decks.

hello kitty uno
hello kitty uno

Well. I think they are much less annoying than the last few decks of Uno cards, but I might be biased by the cute. I don't remember who won. Does it matter? There's no strategery!

See you next time!

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