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Giving Thanks for Teamwork

Good afternoon, E!

This year, I think we were all sort of too drained to make one of our usual complicated Thanksgiving meals. I was housebound and supposed to keep my surgically altered foot elevated as much as possible. We split the effort and store-bought a few things and had a nice, relaxing (?!) Thanksgiving.


You and G brought some tasty meats and herring from International Deli in Bellevue. There was a beef product that reminded me of Lebanon bologna, a deli favorite of mine. The headcheese was delicious and reminded me of Russian holodets -- I wanted to add fresh horseradish to it. Yum.

You and G also brought the main event: a ham from Honeybaked Ham and a kale salad.

On one foot and a knee scooter, I made a few simple side dishes.

Mashed potatoes, which I like chunky and with skins on. I use a combination of potato water and milk to thin them out.

Roasted Brussels sprouts, which I just halved and tossed with oil and salt.

E's plate
E's plate

Cranberry sauce, which I like spiced up. Similar to Tyler Florence's recipe.

pumpkin pie
pumpkin pie

I also made one pumpkin pie on a graham cracker crust. The recipe I used is the one on the Trader Joe's can of organic pumpkin, but it is very similar to Suzanne's Old-Fashioned Pumpkin Pie.

You saved us with whipped cream for the pie. Yum.

Thanks for putting up with us for another holiday!

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