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Somewhere in the Middle

Dear E,

Stories of N's lasagna have crossed the country. Pounds of sausage and ricotta, freezers full of noodle. Oh, the garlic! "I ate three pieces and didn't have to eat again for a month!"


N made lasagna in November, shortly after I had ankle surgery and was in no shape to even help cook anything. It was different -- less extreme. Less cheesy. Less meaty. Less garlic.

a different lasagna

Still tasty. G was disappointed as he wanted the many pounds of cheese and meat version.

N used fresh store-bought lasagna noodles, which we liked. He only used ground sausage in the sauce. A layer of fresh spinach (not pre-cooked) releases some liquid into the lasagna, but as long as the sauce isn't too watery to begin with, it works out without soaking the lasagna. Not bad. Simple and quick, which is what we needed.

He also made a Greek salad ... upside-down.

upside-down salad

That's a lot of croutons!

After dinner, we played five person Uno, as my mom was in town helping out after my surgery. The strategy (what strategy?) was a little different with five people and me sitting between N and G instead of my usual spot between you and N!


I put a big asterisk on this game though. Hey, I blame the painkillers.


Lucky us, you made a half plain-half pumpkin cheesecake. Mmm. It was delicious.

Until next time!

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