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NY Deli Plus

Good morning, E!

I hope you are recovering nicely from dinner on Saturday and hours of UNO. I'm looking forward to some of your leftover mushroom-barley soup for lunch today! Yum.


This NY deli inspired meal included:

  • mushroom-barley soup (Zingerman's recipe -- E added thyme and bay leaf)

  • cabbage salad

  • cabbage salad with homemade mayonnaise

  • cucumber and red onion salad

  • corned beef

  • corned beef and pastrami sandwich on homemade rye bread (smitten kitchen's homemade NY deli rye bread) with fresh grated horseradish

  • a taste of smoked brisket

I modified the rye bread recipe a bit due to not having any instant yeast -- I used rapid rise in one loaf and active dry in the other and proofed it before mixing up the sponge. It seemed to work out just fine. The recipe is wonderful. Now I can't wait to try making pumpernickel.

Maybe in a couple of weeks we'll get back to playing games other than UNO...

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  1. I hope the play-UNO-streak runs out soon 😉

    Dinner was total win! Your bread was super tasty. The briskets were ‘succulent’ (to quote someone at the table, not us.). G said “now I can’t say I can’t get good bread on the West Coast.”.

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