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Dear E,

It feels like laziness when I plan a redux menu. A couple of weeks ago we were laughing at the memory of you eating thousands of mussels at dinner a few years ago. I decided we'd see if my favorite eastside fishmonger had mussels for this week.

They did! Nice, fresh Penn Cove mussels. They also had a few different sizes of oysters and N picked out a few of them as well before supplementing with some very large oysters from Whole Foods.

n shuck

For appetizer, N did Oysters Nick, his version of Oysters Rockefeller. He tops the oysters with hot sauce (Pain is Good Batch 37 Garlic Style) and garlic butter, then tops with a bit of shredded romano and grills it. The cheese is mostly there to hold everything else together.


These oysters were enormous!

Saturday morning I knit and flipped through a couple of cookbooks looking for a salad that would go along with mussels. In Jasper White's The Summer Shack Cookbook I found a green bean, red onion, and blue cheese salad.


I blanched trimmed green beans, tossed them with shredded romaine and quick-pickled red onion and a simple dijon vinaigrette I added a bit of blue cheese to. I topped the salad with more crumbled blue cheese and chopped Kalamata olives. I think it worked out with the main event...

Just as he did a few years ago, N made two types of mussels: garlic butter wine mussels and Thai green curry mussels.


Lots of cilantro, lemongrass, fish sauce, lime zest (we had trouble finding kaffir lime leaves-- I should just buy some the next time I see them and stash them in the freezer), shallot, garlic, coconut milk, and green curry paste for the Thai green curry mussels. This recipe looks fairly close to what N made.

After dinner, you treated us to mooncakes from Regent Bakery & Cafe. You mentioned an NPR piece about refrigeration of mooncakes -- it is both interesting and funny. Refrigerate moon cakes now, after hundreds of years of storing without refrigeration? Never.


I think my favorite mooncakes were the egg custard ones, followed by the winter melon.

The autumn harvest coincides with football -- the first weekend of real college football season led to the boys watching the end of the UW game while we made coffee and shared mooncakes.


Once the football game was over, we didn't have much time left in the evening so we just played a round of Uno. I tried to convince us to play something else with no luck.

Funny how your "lack of strategy" led to you winning Uno, isn't it? Until next time...

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