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New math

Hi J - Wow. TIme flies when we are busy with canine appointments. It has been two weeks since this dinner and weather has definitely turned to early fall.

At a little after 4pm on that Saturday, after noticing G had set up the charcoal already...


me: what time are you starting the grill?
G: 5pm
me: I thought you said the cooking time is 2 hours+
G: yes.
me: doesn't the charcoal take half an hour, and then resting time.
G: there is that.

And there you have it. Never mind that was an exact repeat of an earlier conversation in the morning.

Untitledradish and cheese

I present to you food backup plan A - radish with cheese. I found some radish in the drawer that needed a little love. I stw and selected the first recipe. I made a quick cheese, drizzled with olive oil infused with lemon zest and garlic, and ground peppers.

Untitledcharred bits of tongue

Plan B - beef tongue. Marinated thin sliced beef tongue with the usual suspect of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and gochujang. The special ingredient was yuzu wikipedia. I added some to the marinate and sprinkled more just before serving. I like the sweet tangy taste of the citrus.

I did neglect to take a picture of my plate. I only have a photo of the [store bought] marinated tri-top roast. Served with [store bought] au gratin potatoes and simple romaine salad. Oh wait, I think it was scallop potatoes. Someone with more potato knowledge should explain the difference between au gratin and scallop, or read this chowhound discussion threat.


After dinner, who had the bright idea of Settlers of Catan, again? G, who also switched up the colors, which caused all kinds of issues.


I think N won this one. I've blocked out this six bijillionth Catan game.  Hope you enjoyed the evening. See you next time.

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