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Dear J - Nevermind the forecast says cool over the weekend and we got our first sprinkle of rain in over a month. "We will have sangria!"

I wanted a peach sangria, to use up some (home) canned peaches that needs to be use. And this one look particular good with blackberries. I used a Rioja, the only one available at the corner Safeway. Crossed my finger that it will be good. I was puzzling at the green fruit in the recipe picture, then funny thing, in the recipe video, there was lime, but not in the recipe.  The flavor was ok, I don't think it will make it into the rotation. Me thinks dinner people prefer cocktail style beverage.

Untitledflavors melding together - adding fresh picked berries

And through out the week, I couldn't stop thinking about the pork bun at Facing East. I even convinced a coworker to go to lunch there. Knowing pork belly won't do for us, so when G suggested ribs, I encouraged him to try country ribs. Safer choice to avoid burnt food. I also hope it would make a good substitute for belly. Then I consulted some Taiwanese coworkers for tips and tricks on the condiments.

mosaic52a844747959322bc1d8e570c6015848906f7bc1Facing East and my version

I marinated half of the country ribs using this braised pork belly recipe, and reduced another batch for the drizzle sauce. The other half of the country ribs were brined simply. G indirected grill and smoke the country ribs. I think the pork turned out good.

The bun was overwhelming for burger was overwhelming, I didn't find the smaller ones I need, but more pork and fixings later, they turned out ok. The flavor was close.

And thank you for reminding me the kale salad was in the fridge when we sat down to eat. I copycated this salad from the Safeway deli. They call their version SuperFood - kale, dried cranberries, blueberries, carrots, and some little seed or nuts. My version skipped the dried cranberries and I added some goat cheese that was randomly in the fridge. I dressed it with a basic balsamic mustard vinaigrette.

After dinner, and rubber finger dropping a large beer on the floor, G suggested The Train Game - Ticket to Ride. I made the same mistake and kept a route card without enough trains to make the route. Then the second game, G blocked both of us. Gurr. However, my lucky draw of routes put me over the top.

Untitledsomeone blocked our route


Hope you enjoyed the evening. I am going to sip some leftover sangria. See you.

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