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Dear J - sorry for taking so long, the pets have been keeping me busy, plus I am trying to take advantage of the longer days to get more done Outside.

It was warm on a few Saturdays ago, not like yesterday. Tempted by this recipe picture, I decided to make a cool dish for dinner. And I'd thought we should take a break from cooking with fire.

I stopped by Uwajimaya on my way on home on Friday to pick up ingredients. I saw frozen soba, which I have never had before. Like you, I have no qualms about serving a new dish (or ingredients in this case) to dinner people. I picked up some pea shoots, nori, shiso leaves, and lemongrass tofu.  As I munch on the Korean Sushi on my way home, I kicked myself for not picking up some unnaturally color pickles - takuan. So on Saturday, I ran out to the Korean market and found some, and took the opportunity to pick up some enoki mushrooms also.


After some simple chopping prep, I boiled some water to heat the noodles and assembled. I cautiously portion the ingredients and had a backup plan of store bought pot stickers, in case everything goes wrong.

I am not sure how I feel about the frozen soba. It heated quickly and I immediately dunked the noodles in cool water. The texture still felt a little mushy to me. I was expecting a more chewy consistency. The store bought lemongrass tofu was a hit, of course. Fried tofu is one of my favorite things.

After dinner, we, I, someone picked Modern Art.

Modern Art, a close game. #gamenightwhich artist will make it big?

Your are correct that I did talk up this game. I like the concept, like real life modern art, you never know whose work will be a hit. However, I am terrible on auction games. I am very cautious and rarely able to do the quick math to calculate and anticipate the value 'correctly'. G won that game, by a small margin. I was closer than I thought I would be. Progress on auction game for me, maybe.

After Modern Art, we did a quick turn with our ol'favorite Bean Game.  Oh, here is a Board Games with Scott Thurns and Taxis video on YouTube. Maybe we will try that game soon.

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