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Trial By Fire


It's never a good sign when dinner ends up looking like this:


A few weeks ago N suggested we use the Egg and wood-fire pizza for dinner. I didn't have enough time to make my favorite pizza dough, so I delayed that menu plan until this weekend.

N and I have different philosophies on game night dinners. I have no qualms about trying something for the first time. N typically would prefer to do a trial run in advance. This time we didn't bother with a trial. In retrospect, I wish we had!

pizza mosaic
dough & pizza-fail

N managed to heat the Egg up beyond the thermometer's max of 800°F. I guess it was close to 1000°F. Insane.

trick pizza
trick pizza

The problem with the pizza cooking was many-fold. In the end it ended up that there needed to be an air gap between the burning wood and the ceramic that the pizza is cooked on. Without that gap, the bottom crust of the pizza simply burnt almost immediately. The taste of charred, melted cornmeal and creosote is not a good one! This video at Big Green Egg explains how they set up the Egg for making pizza.

A couple of days after this fire-eating dinner fail N and I tried the BGE method for pizza. It was much more successful. The pizza was actually edible and the bottom of the crust was not a big sheet of firey black!

Another, more successful, trial from this evening was flammkuchen. N and I were in Munich a few years ago and had a meal at a fischmarkt. I had herring while N had something that looked like a pizza. I later found out it was flammkuchen (also known as tarte flambée). It's from the Alsace region and is traditionally a very thin flatbread topped with quark (or crème fraîche), thin-sliced onions, and speck (lardo). Whole Foods carry quark and speck (their speck is actually prosciutto though), so I was able to make a flammkuchen-like. It was the only bright spot of the meal for me! I'll definitely make it again.

flammkuchen, uncooked

After we suffered through embarrassment and creosote mouth, we ducked out to our weekly haunt in Duvall for some edible food. After that, we returned home for a quick game.

N tried to talk us into Bohnanza, but it was vetoed in favor of Uno. Oh no.

j gives E a lot of points

You win! I admit, I am totally sick of Uno and I wish we'd played Bohnanza.

See you later! Hope your burn-taste-mouth has faded.

* Favorite pizza dough is from Peter Reinhart's The Bread Baker's Apprentice, Pizza Napoletana. The dough comes together quickly, has an extended fermentation (I find it has best taste after a couple of days of fermentation), and is very easy to work with. It also freezes great. Highly recommended.

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