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Play it safe

Sometime earlier this week, I suggested to G that we should do burgers. I was looking for a safe grilling choice - simple and reliable.  I did not want a repeat of the burnt ribs. And to dress up a homey burger meal, some gravlax appetizer and a Manhattan (served in 'wrong' glass.)

DSC_2533taste test, to make sure it is tasty before serving to dinner people

For the gravlax, I used a beautiful Copper River Salmon from Uwajimaya, pulled out the pin bones. Then sandwiched a blend of sea salt, sugar, coriander, black pepper, and a giant bunch of dill between two fillets. Poured in a generous cup of tequila. I changed up the usual vodka with the silver tequila that was still sitting on the counter from the strawberry margarita.  Let sit in fridge under heavy weight, flipped twice a day for a few days.  I would have prefer to serve gravlax with crispy golden potato pancake, but settled for straight-from-package pumpkinnickel and some crème fraîche.

UntitledHi pickles

G grilled the burgers, and we served it with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, onion, dill pickles, mayo, and A1. I tossed a simple salad and some store-bought potato salad rounded out a simple plate.

After dinner and much chatter about nail polish. We settled down for a game of Acquire.

Untitleda game of luck with some skills

I spent all my monies early and was worried how the game with turn out for me. I definitely think being the only shareholder of a hotel that was acquired definitely helped.

It was a safe food evening. We like experimenting, but sometimes we just want to play it safe.


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