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Grilling Nostalgia

Good afternoon, E!

For Memorial Day last weekend, we grilled. Of course!

N picked up a combination of sausages at Bill the Butcher and Whole Foods. Seven different types of sausage, peppers and onions. The blueberry brats were surprisingly tasty, if a little strange. There was a habanero sausage that I think was my favorite.

To go along with the tube meat, I made the spinach salad that you implied you wanted again. I made it slightly different from last time, using honey almonds instead of the Sahale pecans. Baby spinach, onions, goat cheese, and honey almonds with Girard's Light Champagne dressing. I love that dressing and can't make anything remotely resembling it. Any ideas?

spinach salad

Along with the green salad, I made a vinaigrette based potato salad from a recipe from Bon App├ętit, Fingerling Potato Salad with Sherry-Mustard Vinaigrette.

dinner plate

This potato salad is a lot better warm than cool or room temperature. I added a lot more Italian parsley and a bit more tarragon than the recipe calls for because I love fresh herbs in potato salad. This recipe is a keeper.

I did bake the potatoes on the sheet of salt. I am not sure it did anything special for the potatoes - I am sure baking them my usual way would have been fine.

You managed to impressively fill your plate!

A month or two ago, I was reading a thread about various so-called disgusting fruit salads. One of the ones mentioned was Watergate Salad. I read the description and suddenly I knew it was the salad I grew up loving as a kid. Someone (I believe one of my aunts) always brought it to the family picnics. I decided that I would make it at some point over the summer. If we hated it, we could throw it away or send it to work with N.

Memorial day? Sounded like the perfect time to make it.

watergate salad
watergate salad

I used some sort of fancy no-high-fructose-corn-syrup, no-gluten fake-cool-whip (truwhip?) and mixed in a box of jello pistachio pudding mix. To that I added drained crushed pineapple (recipe says NOT to drain it, but I did), a bunch of mini marshmallows, crushed pecans, and coconut (not in the recipe). I also added a few mandarin oranges but in my stirring they fell apart. I think they might be best to add at serve time. I am fairly certain my aunt used to add the oranges but not the coconut.

I forgot how the marshmallows sort of melt into the whipped topping and don't stay hard. I still love the (fake!) pistachio flavor and the crunch of the pistachio and pecan bits. I still like it, though I can probably go another 20 years before having it again.

After dessert and some chatting, we just pulled out the Uno decks and played to 500 points.

all the wilds!

G gave up a lot of points in this round! Ha. N won this game according to my handy-dandy uno.xlsx spreadsheet.

'Til next time!

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