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A meal to forget

Hi J - every year, at the beginning of the grilling seasons, after the long winter break, we seem to have to relearn how to grill and bbq to make a presentable meal.  So with that disclaimer out of the way, I present our fail St. Louis ribs.


The ribs look really good when I saw them, late afternoon. I was shocked at how they looked when I saw them on the platter. Yikes. G said something something about a grease fire. Sorry about that. Good thing he also made potato. Yum.

I was sad that it is still too early in the season for watermelons, so we settled on strawberry margaritas. Frozen strawberries, lime, silver tequila, Tarantula, thrown in blender with ice. Easy Peasy. It was ok, but didn't satisfy my craving for watermelon margarita, like the one from last year, and the year before...

I attempted to make a Lemony Pea recipe, with the preserved lemons I made.


I think I may be the only one who likes peas? Also, it was definitely better warm. I didn't catch or misunderstood the "chill' recipe instruction. Nevertheless, the preserved lemons was really interesting. The rind tasted like a cross between a pickled and salt lemon. I can barely taste it in the finished pea mash. On ward to look for other preserved lemon recipes.

It was a meal to forget. We will try again in a couple of week!

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  1. I liked the pea mash, but wanted to add some finishing salt or something. I didn’t notice the preserved lemon in it. 🙁 mm baked potato.

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