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Wrong Year

Hi J - Happy Year of the Snake. (Doh, correction, I was a year behind.)

I was logistically challenged on Saturday. I finished prep in the morning but unfortunately could not start cooking until almost 7pm. Yikes. I hope the snack of preserved duck egg (a.k.a. Century egg wikipedia link) took the edge off your hunger, one way or another. Or perhaps I should have shortcut to Wanchai Ferry meals.

Ah. I was starving when we sat down to eat. And oops. I failed to notice the rice was a little cool.

DSC_2476table full of food

On the menu

Tomato beef with crispy noodle is easily one of my favorite dish. I think I always order it when I am at the Regents Bakery. The only change from the recipe was to caramelize the onions. I was worried about the egg noodles. They took a long time to  crisp up but they turned out ok. The Chinese sausage, I threw in for N.

DSC_2475mango pudding in koi shape

After late dinner, we only managed a game of Catan. You won, yay!

DSC_2483not in focus pic of J's win

Happy New Year and see you soon.

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  1. Glad you liked the tomato beef chow mein recipe. My Mom would smile at that. The noodles do take a little while to crisp up. Just make sure your pan is heated up well before putting them in. Then, watch them closely, as they can burn easily if unattended. Happy Lunar New Year! 😉

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