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One size fits all

Dear J -

This morning I was chuckling to myself that it seems we each have our method to "fix" every culinary "problem". I offer some evidence:

G's solution:  use less (or more) to achieve desired results.

Exhibit #1 - Less spicy rub = Not spicy wingz
Last week, I reminded G to make less spicy wings, for the less-spice-liking folks on Saturday. He acknowledged and confirmed. When we were packing up to go, I noticed he pulled out his [spicy] spice rub.

me: "I thought you were going to make less spicy wingz?"
G: "Yes. I will just sprinkle less rub."
me: "Er." (I quickly throw together a non-spicy rub.)

Exhibit #2 - Just extend grilling time if the grill is not hot enough.

Some time ago, he was grilling [insert meat]. And I thought it was taking longer than usual. Finally he put meats on the plate. And I thought, huh, this is terrible.

me: "What happened?"
G: "The grill was too low. I thought I had enough charcoal. I just cooked it longer."
me: "Oh, why didn't you say something? We could have finished in the oven."

My solution: Just caramelize it. It will taste better.

Exhibit #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... As I look through my food pictures, everything looks like a dark shade of caramel. Whoops.

N's solution:  Add bacon.

Exhibit #1 - Pears and onion pizza is missing bacon.

N was raving about the pears & onions pizza Sh put together. The pizza tasted better than he thought, but felt it was missing something. He thought about it for a few.

N: "I know! It needs bacon. Sweet, salty, savory."

Exhibit #2 - Bacon explosion.

N made bacon explosion, twice.

J's Solution: Missing something? Add citrus or vinegar.

Exhibit #1, #2, #3 - Every time J thinks something is missing, she opts to add some (more) lemon juice, lime juice, or vinegar.

J, "It will make it taste more fresh and punchy!"

See asparagus with capers,  lemony potato salad, pelmeni broth.

J, "Hm, not everyone likes their food quite as tart as I do."

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