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Happy New Year!

Happy 2013, E!

I usually make something special for the new year but I did not this year. No hoppin' john, no sauerkraut, no cake, no pork. Maybe the cookies I made for Christmas can carry over to the new year. No? I guess Chinese New Year is coming up and I can ready my house for that.


I made four types of Christmas cookies this year that we shared during our Pre-Christmas dinner.

  1. The usual 7 layer bars, aka magic cookie bars. A favorite of N's.

  2. Ginger molasses cookies, the type you roll out and ice. My favorite cookie, but I tried a different recipe this year and I didn't like it as much.

  3. Cranberry-Pistachio Biscotti, a last minute addition. I should have baked them longer the second time.

  4. Rugelach, two flavors. Bleuberry-marcona almond-white chocolate and orange-pineapple-coconut. The orange-pineapple-coconut ones were universally appreciated and I think my new favorite. I always use Lora Brody's dough recipe.

Hibiscus drinkie

For a festive drink to go along with our celebration, I made what the hibiscus jarring company calls a wild hibiscus royale -- muddle mint, remove from glass. Put hibiscus flower in bottom. Add 1/2oz rose water. Add a bit of the hibiscus syrup. Top with champagne (I used a dry cava that had good reviews, Segura Viuda Brut Reserva). Add some more mint as garnish (which I didn't do). It was pretty!

As a side, roasted brussels sprouts in a mushroom sauce was much tastier than I expected. I guess you can't go wrong with mushroom sauce and roasted vegetables.

Maybe next time we can try another new game...

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