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Comfort Food

Dear E,

I think everyone probably has their favorite comfort foods. I know when someone else isn't feeling well, I feel compelled to make him something comforting. In winter (alright, late fall), I tend to pick something warm, gooey, carby.

I picked Martha Stewart's Macaroni and Cheese aka Crack 'n Cheez. As usual, I swapped out the homemade breadcrumbs for panko. I also added ground mustard to the recipe-called-for nutmeg and cayenne pepper. Otherwise I follow the recipe.

Fight! Or not
ham fight

Let it be known that the Crack 'n Cheez was the start of this dinner plan. The rest ... an afterthought. I added an arugula salad with pears (from our farm share), a bit of your goat cheese, and champagne vinaigrette. This is one of my favorite salads -- sometimes I add some persian cucumbers as well.

dinner plate

I bought a Smithfield spiral sliced ham with Paula Deen's crunchy glaze, thinking it would be similar to the boys favorite Honeybaked Ham. It... wasn't. Now I know!

Catan what? So sick of settlers! #gamenight
Catan, again!?

After dinner we played a round of Catan. Nooooo! My heart wasn't in it and I had to be nudged to perform my resource banker duties more than once. Whoops! I totally have Settlers burnout. N won!

But we got in a round of Castle!
Castle, a favorite

After Catan, we played a round of Castle. I really like Castle. It's fun, contentious, and a good way to end the night. I always try to fly under the radar in Castle -- so I hope for cards that don't force me to attack anyone. The thing is that once you start attacking someone else, then they attack you back. If you somehow manage to not attack anyone, you tend not to get attacked and therefore have a higher likelihood of playing all of your cards and winning the game.

I think N won Castle too, by the skin of his nose.

Next time: more comfort food?

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