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Thanksgiving Weekend Deserves Two Posts

Hi E!

Thanks for hosting Thanksgiving! We had a lovely time.

Due to some Very Serious Feelings on the necessity of potatoes at Thanksgiving, we supplied two of N's favorites. Plain ol' mashed potatoes and Bobby Flay's Smoked Chile Scalloped Sweet Potatoes.

Too much fud

After our hockey game tonight, I talked to N and discovered that he does not actually follow Bobby Flay's recipe for the sweet potatoes. He does NOT use two cups of heavy cream! (my arteries thank him)

He takes 2-3 chipotles and puts them in a food processor with just enough cream to cover them and makes a paste. As he layers the thin-cut sweet potatoes in the pan, he spoons a little bit of paste over each layer. This makes for a more sweet potato-heavy dish but doesn't lose the overall effect.

I like sweet potatoes but I am not a big fan of the sweet-on-top-of-sweet casseroles out there with brown sugar and nuts and marshmallows. This dish is a recent favorite because the spice of the chipotles helps counter the saccharine of the sweet potatoes.

A couple of days later on this Thanksgiving weekend, we got together for tasty delivery (!) pizza and games. This is notable because we actually tried a new-to-us game!


It seems that almost everyone who games keeps a Munchkin deck around. It's quick, it's funny (lots of different themed decks out there!) and it's not so RPG-y to deter the non-roleplayers, but is roleplaying influenced enough such that the roleplayers seem to like it as a sort of game snack.

It took us a while to get going. I was very frustrated that I didn't draw a Class or Race card until the very end of the game. The gameplay was pretty quick once we figured it out and I could see us playing it at the end of the night another time.

You won, but we realized later that you can't get to the winning point by buying a level/playing a level-up card, it has to be from killing a monster. I bet we won't forget that next time!

After Munchkin, I pulled out Carcassonne to avoid the usual suspects (Uno, the bean game, or Catan).

Tidiest Carcassonne board ever

My recollection of this game is poor. I lost. N or G won. They were close. I suck so bad at Carcassonne. Maybe I'll have to download it for my phone and start playing it more often.

See you next time!

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