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Happy Thanksgiving. I am having pie for breakfast.

After we decided to have Thanksgiving at our house, a few weeks ago, I proceeded to procrastinate, until the weekend before. I hastily scribbled a list and went to the grocery store. Run chicken run!

I have never made a whole turkey. I experienced a very long moment of panic while I stared at the frozen turkeys at the grocery store. When I left, I had the first round of my grocery items, minus the turkey. I could not figure out how to defrost the turkey on time, and still have time to brine.

So ... second trip I found a fresh turkey, third trip for more grocery items, fourth trip for items I missed.  I managed to get started on some of the recipes on Sunday. Menu, after a couple revisions...

  • Chicken pate -  recipe
  • Cheese and chutney - previous appearance in September
  • Rustic bread - recipe
  • Turkey - brined, indirect grilled / smoked
  • Cranberry - in a can, and fresh
  • Gravy - stock from the bones
  • Dressing - simple with sausage, with the rustic bread
  • Kale salad with anchovy breadcrumbs
  • Parker house rolls - recipe
  • Eggnog (cooked) - recipe
  • Pumpkin cheesecake
  • Pecan pie - recipe

I gave mash potatoes a lot of thought, but gave up on trying to make the half butter half potato recipe. Thanks for bringing potatoes and chipotle sweet potatoes. You saved the meal.

To drink, I picked up  Tami Nero d'Avola Sicilia 2011 from the newly opened BevMo, as recommended by a friend who knows Italian wines. It was pretty tasty.


I am happy I finally tried and successfully made Jim Lahey's no knead recipe in a pot. His chicken pâté recipe was also very tasty. They were both straight forward and produced good results.Yummy.

The turkey, oh the turkey. I mistakenly took out the breast bone, instead of the back bone. Opps. I sewed the breasts together  to hold aromatics during cooking. The turkey was brined for a few days with an herb paste under the skin. It was indirectly grilled until internal temperature reached 160°.  We would definitely make turkey in the same method, spatchcocked correctly of course, next time. And thanks to N, I no longer fear making gravy. This one is simply made with turkey stock from the breast bone, with a squeeze of anchovy paste.

The Parker House rolls were featured in this month's Bon Appetite. I had some trouble following the assembly instruction. So I just faked it and made little rolls.

The above items were the fun new trials, the remainder of were tried and true standbys.

I hoped you and N enjoyed the meal, we enjoyed sharing the evening with you. The few days of Run Chicken Run was hectic, the resulting meal (and leftovers!) was well worth the effort.

After dinner, I thought you were going to boycott Settlers of Catan, or perhaps this is how you filed the objection?


Fortunately, N won quickly and we were able to take a break to have pie, found pumpkin cheesecake, coffee, and eggnog. A quick game of Guillotine later, we were Done. Happy Thanksgiving!

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