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Here Fishie Fishie

Happy wet season, E!

While we were munching on raw fish last time, N was on the gulf coast of Florida catching live fish with his pop. He flew home with pounds of just-caught-and-frozen fish. Lucky us!

The week prior, I had turned on Bobby Flay Throwdown in the background while I worked on some code. The battle? Cioppino! I mentioned it to N while he was out of town, hoping the idea would take root. Success!

Cioppino is a family dish for N. I leave it all to him. This time his process was a little different than last time. For the cioppino base, first he sauteed onion and bell peppers in some olive oil, adding a bottle of white wine, garlic cloves, and a can of crushed San Marzanos. To that he added two different types of fish broth: one made with mussels and clams, the other with salmon heads and roasted dungeness crab bodies, salt, and bay leaf.

The last time we had cioppino, I thought it could use more tomato -- this time I thought it had a LOT of tomato and I loved that change.


Seafood wise, N used quite the collection.

60 minutes before serving: black drum, added to add some body to the soup
15 minutes before serving: clams, mussels
10 minutes before serving: re-steam the precooked crab
5 minutes before serving: large prawns (head on, at my request)
At serving: topped with a quickly pan-fried fillet of spotted sea trout he caught in Florida just days before.

While N did not use Bobby Flay's recipe from Throwdown, I did like one of Flay's details. Flay toasted slices of sourdough, spread them with anchovy butter, and placed them in the bottom of the bowls before ladling cioppino over them.

crouton with anchovy butter

So, I tried this too! I'm not sure it really added anything at the bottom of the bowl though it was nice on the side.

Cioppino is a lot of work to eat this way! After we cleared the table of crustacean guts, it was time to drink all! the! coffee! and game.

Oh, Settlers of Catan. Why can't the boys quit you?

With this starting setup, I managed to pull of a heavily-contested, come-from-behind win.

settlers of catan
the win!

You and N were neck and neck at 9 points for a few rounds. I was sitting back at 7. N takes his turn directly before my turn. He performs a few actions, then hands the dice to me and I start shaking them. As I drop them on the table, N says, "oh, I could have built two more roads!"

I replied, "you handed me the dice, too bad, my turn."

At which point I upgraded one of my settlements and built two roads, taking the Longest Road away from N, securing the win, and incurring the wrath of N, who said I cheated by not granting him the ability to continue his turn after he handed me the dice. Ouch!

Boris was nonplussed by all the game drama.

RA next time??!

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  1. Did you find all the crab bits I flung – on the ceiling, walls, and your shirts?

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