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You Never Can Tell

Good Evening, E!

Last weekend we tried to go for something simple... and somehow went overboard. How typical!

N came home with my favorite rosemary bread and a few types of cheese. You brought homemade plum chutney. The plum chutney went well with the Mt. Townsend Creamery Seastack.

cheese and chutney
cheese & plum chutney

I came home with figs, goat cheese, and culatello. I craved prosciutto wrapped figs. Last time I made them it was a mess. I found a suggestion on a blog to use a melon baller on the figs and then mix the fig innards into the goat cheese and use that as the filling. I tried that and it was much neater. If only I hadn't left them under the broiler too long! Thankfully they were still tasty.

figs & culatello
figs & culatello

As for dinner... well. Maybe it's best not spoken about. The steaks were cooked well but the meat was from "a working cow" as G put it. They looked good and marbled. Ah well. The leftovers were great on a sandwich later in the week.

N made rotkraut using this recipe. The only modification he made was to cut the red wine vinegar with some apple cider vinegar because my homemade red wine vinegar is a little under-acetic. It turned out really tasty!

E's plate

I massaged some kale for a raw kale salad. I destemmed the kale, tossed it with some kosher salt, olive oil, and lemon juice and then I rubbed it down. It helps break down the fibrous kale.

I tossed the massaged kale with tomatoes and a dijon vinaigrette and served it with mandarin oranges on the side. I had at least two servings of kale salad. I love kale.

catan 1
settlers of catan, first game

On Thursday, N said he was looking forward to playing Settlers of Catan (BGG), so I knew we were going to play it AGAIN.

He won the first game handily. I had an awful game and got completely creamed.

As for the second game, it was really close. I think all four of us were close. I really thought I was going to be able to pull out a win.

catan 2
settlers of catan, second game

Alas, you got it! Did you know that there is a Star Trek: Catan? I think the idea of a Klingon ship as the Robber is awesome.

While there was a bit of extra-curricular discussion on our end of the table about - what else?! - yarn, N pulled out Diplomacy (BGG) and punched all of the pieces out of the cardboard. N also showed off his non-cubic dice and he and G had a discussion about D&D. Really.

What, everyone doesn't have yarn on the dining table?
yarn table

A few rounds of Uno and the night was done for. Thanks for the plum chutney!

A catalog from Williams-Sonoma arrived in the mail this week, full of Halloween and Thanksgiving ideas. I'm ready for fall. Pumpkin and gingerbread all around!

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