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Win some, lose some

DSC_5162eggs, not mangled

Do you remember the last time you made deviled eggs, I made a comment about how I can not cook and peel boiled eggs without looking like .. hmm, like a cat dragged them in? (Hi Chester! Do you like eggs?) Well, this is the second time I've attempted these almost hard-boiled eggs, and I managed not to mangle the egg whites. I feel so ... accomplished. A tiny celebration. These eggs were chopped up to go into the ever popular Tuscan Kale slaw - a safe dish to go with ...

DSC_5166putting on salt crust

... a salt crusted beef brisket. G found this recipe, I don't know where. He rubbed the brisket with our coffee rub, then lots of coarse sea salt, mixed with pepper and rosemary, plus a little water, then smoked to 205°. We are filing this dish under Trials. The crust peeled off easily after cooking. Even with thin slices across the grain, it was still a bit tough. N said it tasted like roasted beef. Some parts of it, I think the thinner edge, was tender. The center was definitely tough.

And because of the water crackers you put out last week, I caught the water crackers craving ... really... but also

DSC_5171mmm, cream cheese

...the other day, I was marveling at how full the refrigerator is, which got me wondering what is taking up all this space. So I dug around and rediscovered the mango jalapeno jam (recipe minus red bell pepper), and raspberry chipotle jam (recipe, minus pectin and baking soda), and pickled baby corn (last season), and refrigerator pickles (also last fall)...   It may have looked like we were cleaning out the fridge, but really, it was all about the water crackers.

Besides the homemade miscellany, I put out two Mick's Peppouri  pepper jelly -  one pomegranate and one ghost pepper. Funny about the ghost pepper jelly, since G and his family like to burn their taste buds off, I bought the ghost pepper for them. one. G, even after my initial warning, ate a giant teaspoon of it the first time he tried it. Yea.

DSC_5173kale slaw, with meat and grilled summer squash

Shocker that someone still wants to play Settlers of Catan, really.

Untitled start of game 1

Untitled bank is out of wheat

Untitled N won, with the longest road, me thinks one of his strategy

Three of us at 9 points, argh! Game 2 - Three of us, at 9 points

When do you think we can escape Settlers of Catan?

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