tasty nom nom an exception to the daily meal


Hot & Simple

G'evening, E!

Last week N's mom visited us for about a week, which was a lot of fun! While we may have been a little tired, we thought we'd still host a simple meal on our usual schedule.

N went to Bill the Butcher and got an awesome coarse-ground blend of organic grass-fed beef for burgers.


I made a quick arugula salad which was a bit too citrus-y.

I also tried to recreate a potato salad that N's mom made while she was here. I boiled some red potatoes (from the garden), then tossed them with some dill and parsley and a dressing of lemon juice, lemon zest, salt and mushroom infused olive oil. Too much citrus?!!

Surprise, surprise! Another round of Settlers? Really?

E win!

You won a round of Settlers! I think we've been splitting the wins up fairly evenly among the four of us. After a game, we took a short chocolate break with some store-bought goodies.

chocolate and more chocolate

Then a round of Bohnanza. Have you had any luck getting a replacement card for the one you're missing?

da bean game!

I was so happy we played a round of Bohnanza, even though I got completely creamed. Anything was better than another round of Catan! 😀

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