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I do not play a professional on tv

Hi J - Would you have been impressed, or call BS!, if we did not disclose the origin of these chicken cordon bleu? I think you would. They looked too tidy and uniform, to be real, let alone made by these hands.

Untitledcheese and geometric slice of ham, inside a perfectly sealed & breaded chicken breast

It was a busy week. I was low on energy and motivation to craft anything for dinner. So on Saturday, G's went to Fischers for some stuffed pork chops, but they only had two. So he switched gear and got some chicken cordon bleu. I was as surprised as you were - chicken. Really?! G rationales chicken via pork (ham) and cheese. (See prosciutto wrapped chicken G requested, multiple times.)

The only thing I managed was to toss a romaine and baby green salad with homemade Caesar dressing, purchased a baguette and sweet peppers, to serve copy-you marinated feta.


After dinner, we did not play Acquire, your prediction for this week. Instead, drum roll, we played Settlers of Catan. I've stopped counting how many weeks we have played Settlers in a row. Attention N, I took pics of start and end positons.

Untitled Game 1 - start

Untitled Game 1 - end, N wins

Untitled Game 2 - start

Untitled Game 2 - end, G wins

I learned a little lesson, one of my starting and building method is lame. Hope next weekend's is cooler.

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