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Winter Vegetable Sides

Hi E!

I have been thinking about vegetable sides for this weekend. I only have a few things leftover from last week's farm share -- a bunch of celery, some braising greens, apples and pears -- not enough to plan from.


While winter up here in the Pacific Northwet is a whole lot milder than I am used to, I still find myself craving heavy, calorie-dense "vegetable" dishes -- gratins, thick soups, casseroles.

I generally stay away from these sort of dishes because they tend to be less vegetable and more cream, more cheese, more topping. I want more vegetable, not less vegetable!

I did find these interesting recipes that are... more cream and carb and less vegetable. Winter is hard.

There's always my staple roasted root vegetable "recipe," too. I've also taken the roasted vegetables and tossed them on top of a goat cheese filled tart -- but that takes us back to more cheese, more carb, less vegetable. Dammit!

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  1. I heart your roasted root vegetables. (mmm beets!) The brussels sprouts gratin sounds tasty. A goat cheese & veggie filled tart! A savory baklava! Ohmy! Let’s do one of those next week, please 🙂

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