tasty nom nom an exception to the daily meal


Chunky, not chucky

Hi J -

As a matter of fact, we do have fall back meals. For summer time, its ribs and slaw.  A truism, eat summer food, and it is summer. Never mind what the weather is outside.

Coincidentally, due to mechanical logistical time issue, this week we switched to fall back meal. No worries, there will be tri-tip in our future.

G picked up baby back ribs Saturday morning and started them on indirect low heat 225°, with apple wood, around noon. Two of them were rubbed with our usual rub, one with the new coffee rub (that we used on the brisket). I've been craving peanut sauce, curry and the likes, so I tried a peanut dressing for the slaw. I know it is funny that I dislike peanut butter but like peanut sauce. So odd. For a change of pace, I used Napa cabbage, added a red pepper, cilantro, and a granny smith apple. After I cut up the Napa cabbage, I wanted to try something different with the core. G charred it slightly on the grill, I chopped and tossed in the slaw. It added a little smokiness and still had a little crunch.

IMAG0057ribs and slaw

I had an open mango cheek in the fridge from making [another batch!] mango lime curd,  so I threw a quick mango avocado chunky salsa, starting with this recipe and improvised with ingredients I had on hand.

IMAG0050round chips, courtesy of G

And to add to the summer illusion, we have a chilled cucumber soup, recipe. This soup is full of culture - sour cream, plain and Greek yogurt, along with lots of green stuff - dill, parsley and cilantro. A large handful of salt and overnight in the fridge help meld the favor. G thought it could be a dip or salad dressing.

IMAG0056garnish you can eat

Then I pull a tasty repeat from last year- watermelon cucumber margarita, recipe. Somewhere, I turned 3TBP to 1.5 Cup in my head. Hmm. I had to rescue the pitcher and now I have a cup of watermelon flavored simple syrup. Any ideas?


I threw in the towel shortly after I started. I really wanted to eat more, but so full. After dinner, I was surprised G wanted to play Settlers again.


wtf bad placement

I lost my shirt on my terrible starting placement, never really got going, and didn't recovered. You win, again! I did redeem myself on Castle.


my last play, a Knight that was sent back, and a solider in my hand

Fun fun fun, maybe our next dinner it will be real summer.

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