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Meat and Pie

Dear E,

Please excuse my tardiness thanks to this awful cold. Just over a week ago we got together to continue our celebration of G's birthday month with grilled meat and pie!


N marinated some flank steak in Moroccan spices and grilled it along with some bell peppers and onions. Easy peasy, as Jamie Oliver would say!

I made a quick harissa using this recipe. We really like this harissa with everything from fish to beef to chicken. I double the cumin and coriander and use 1-3 jalapeños depending on how spicy they are.

Knowing that we had pie in our future, I opted to make two salads instead of anything too heavy. I threw together a quick raw carrot salad and an arugula-feta-mint-orange salad (inspired by this recipe).

The carrots were a bit of a miss -- I thought they would go well with the flank steak, like do chua. Unfortunately they did not really work out that way.

I liked the arugula salad (not sure about anyone else). I'm on a kick of adding mint to salad greens. Next time I hope to remember to supreme the oranges, though!

G Birthday Pie!
G's Birthday Pie!

You carefully carted G's birthday pie all the way up to our house without any major failure! It was a banana cream pie (basic recipe), with addition of a 2 oz of white chocolate in custard and a salty caramel sauce. Yum!

No games tonight due to super-full tummies. We have a few new ones to try, like the full version of Nuclear War (BGG).

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