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The choice

...G gave me was Brisket or Ribs. And this was Monday night, five days before our dinner. Do you think he was excited about smoking some slab of meat?

I wanted to try a coffee rub. I STW and found a few inspirations. Starting with this one and added tsp each of cocoa powder, garlic and onion powder, and a tiny hint of cumin. Someone, not I, used all the chili powder in the house, so I used a mix of chipotle with New Mexico for this recipe. G tasted the rub and gave it approval for the brisket - a 6lb flat from Fischer Meats in Issaquah.


I liberally rubbed all sides and he put it on around 9am. He smoked it with apple wood and chunk charcoal around 225°F. He pulled it off when the meat hit 185°F, around 5:30 pm.

Yes, I did have a moment where I thought 6lb is a lot of meat, and it will be not enough for all of us. To mitigate that situation, I suggested we try smoking jalapeno poppers. G seeded the jalapenos while I made the filling of cream cheese (for texture), extra sharp cheddar (for flavor), with a shot of Worcestershire and soy sauce.  Spicy, gooey, and wrapped in bacon.

I wanted some simple sides, but did not want to repeat the usual suspects of corn bread, beans, slaw. Flipping through MSL and saw this Potato and Green Bean Salad, my first thought was, "Yay starch and veggies all in one". My second thought was "Are green beans in season yet?" This slow start of a summer is messing with my sense of season.

For extra crunch, I made a fresh English cucumber, jicama, and radish salad, with my go-to vinaigrette of lime juice, soy & fish sauce, brown sugar, and chili garlic paste.

Untitledpiled high

I was satisfy with the rub, but I thought the brisket was underdone. I couldn't pull it apart with my hands. I subscribed to the "An overcooked slice of Brisket will fall apart when handled or moved. A properly cooked slice should pull apart easily". Both N and G disagree.

I enjoyed the nothing not to like with potatoes, green beans, lemon mustard dressing salad. I should have cut the crunchy veggies skinner in the other salad. The jalapeno poppers were good. My first was tasty, my second was spicy hot hot hot. Ouie. I thought G could have warn me that he did not get all the seeds out.  After the fire stopped burning in my mouth, I agree with him that he should definitely make them again. I may consider getting the Sur La Table Chili Pepper Corer, for my selfish reason of no-more-too-spicy-peppers. Or not, single use gadget.

Untitledget off my property!

I was happy when G took my not so subtle push for "build long roads and &#$! block other people" - Settlers of Catan, and no one objected. Settlers of Catan, this specific German version (not this copy) was my first introduction into the genre of "German Board Games." This was a bit of nostalgia for me.

The first board was a dud. N made the unilateral decision and remade the board. This second board was slightly better, but it wasn't long before there were heated "... blocking..." comments.  You rocked this game. Perhaps all games you've been playing online made you kick-#$!?

The morning after, I checked on some clarification. Funny, I think the original rules do not have the five settlement/city limit. Resources cards are hidden, BGG thread. Read up more on roads and settlements BGG thread and some more clarifications. Yay Settlers of Catan, oldie and goodie.

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