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Look, Bright Shinny Object

Hi J -

Merry Christmas! This has been a busy December for me. I planned on shipping a project in mid-December then coast through the holidaze at Old Job. However, New Boss at New Job had a different idea. So I found myself with only miscellaneous thoughts; no menu, no grocery list, and distinct lack of plan, two days before Christmas dinner.

N kicked off the evening with RedBreast, 12yr with some eggnog. Was this really the first time he tried eggnog? I think he liked it. A good start to the evening.

I am going to distract you from the too rare beef with some gremlota

The beef turned out too rare. Although I didn't kill anyone, the dish didn't win any fans. The kale slaw was pretty good. I tried to add some crunch with crumbled crouton bits, but it needed more.

all pretty before tossing

Was it painfully obvious my strategy on this meal was mitigation? Meat and two sides are new and untested  So in the event the beef didn't turn out,  have a different protein (eggs!). If you do not like vegetables, have some cheese to go with that (gratin!). And in case one vegetable side doesn't turn out, well try the other vegetable dish (Brussel Sprouts or Kale!).  Or was it distraction? burn your face off with fresh horseradish, or hey, look at the cute dishes!

Poor G, the combination of rare beef, soft boiled eggs, and kale almost put him over the edge. No matter, he drank his dinner. (booze!)

Does this qualify as vegetable?

cute dinnerware
nevermind what's on (or not) my plate

The Yorkshire pudding bombed. They burnt in the muffin tin and didn't puff. I have not had trouble with popovers, Dutch babies, or any of the poofy pancake like dishes. These were total fail.

But ... You rescued us with a sweet finish of Pecan Pie (and coffee pot).

mmm pie, and hi I see you Butter Cookies

The food was fine, but your company is awesome. Merry Christmas and best wishes to the New Year! And Happy anniversary to TNN.

-E, G, W & K

P.S. The sticky pecan rolls are from this recipe.

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  1. Merry Christmas! thanks for a lovely and entertaining evening 😉 I can’t wait to have some leftover kale salad!

    My mom made a sirloin roast beef, butterflied, with a herb paste. When it was pulled out to rest, the remaining herb paste was mixed with BUTTER and smeared on the meat. Sounds familiar!

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