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Dinner of Excess

Hello E!

Thanksgiving is truly a meal of excess. With just the four of us, I tried to pare things back... but it was still quite excessive!

For starters, we had:

N found the recipe for the Son-In-Law eggs when he was researching the turducken and he traced it back to a Thai recipe. It was an interesting dish and I think he will make it again.

When it came to the protein portion of the meal, N did not want to make a boring old turkey. He wanted to make something much more complicated and interesting. He decided on a turducken. I expected the deboning portion of the process to be very difficult, but N got it done quickly and tidily. Impressive!

Assembling was a bit more difficult. Between each bird there was a layer of stuffing. Cornbread stuffing was inside the chicken, sage sausage stuffing in the duck and turkey. Metal skewers were used to hold the chicken inside the duck inside the turkey. Then it came time to wrap it all up.

1. before wrapping, 2. wrapping,
3. assembling, 4. assembling,
5. hillbilly ingenuity, 6. Turducken cooking... looks just like a regular turkey, hmmmm

The chicken fit snugly within the duck, but the duck just seemed too large for the turkey. It required some tugging and pulling and after fighting with it for a while N turned and asked me a question.

N, "do you have a needle that this kitchen twine will fit through?"

Like any good yarn crafter, I have a plethora of yarn needles. However, like many yarn crafters, I'm always misplacing my chibis. I dug through no fewer than five containers of knitting notions before I found a metal needle.

N used the needle to seam up the turkey with the duck and chicken inside. "Redneck ingenuity," he declared. It wasn't the prettiest stitchery, but it held everything inside without a problem!

As for the main course, we had:


  • turducken with two types of stuffing

  • mushroom gravy, N's recipe

  • leeks vinaigrette, I love leeks.

  • plain ol' steamed broccoli

  • chipotle scalloped sweet potatoes

  • mashed sweet potatoes

  • cranberries -- two types! spiced and plain ol'. I don't think anyone liked the spiced, not even over-spice-loving me. The plain cranberries is my mother's recipe, minus walnuts and with added cointreau.

  • buttermilk dinner rolls from The Bread Baker's Apprentice - I love this recipe, but my kitchen aid mixer gets sad mixing it for so long

Pumpkin pie and egg nog via you!

pumpkin pie
pumpkin pie

Egg nog in coffee not shown -- yum!

Of course after this, blood was busy helping digest the meal in our stomachs and not flowing to our brains. We needed a no-thought necessary game. I pulled out Bohnanza [bgg] thinking of this but we only made it through one round before the complaint rose, "I need something with less brain work!" So Uno to end the night it was! I can't complain, as I am the Uno champion.

I've been thinking about some meals for the new year and can't wait until we get there.

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