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Stewed and Smashed


You don't know how pleased I was to check the weather report for this weekend and see cool temperatures. N and I had a lamb leg that we promised G we'd make, and I finally landed on a Morrocan-style tagine from Bon Appétit.

Saturday morning I wandered into the kitchen and found N mixing up the spice blend. I think he was feeling left out of the dinner process and wanted to contribute. Shortly thereafter he did a very helpful thing and methodically trimmed the lamb leg of fat and sinew and cut it into stew cubes. I was getting ready to just hack that leg up, so I'm glad N stepped in!

before adding the meat
in progress

I generally followed the recipe. We doubled it because we had twice the amount of meat. I added cumin seed and substituted dried figs for dried apricots. I also added slices of fennel (in an effort to clean out my fridge!). The cooking time was extended a bit as well.

in progress
in progress

Overall it turned out fairly well. I would make it again if I were not swimming in leftovers!

e's plate

I made a couple of quick sides -- basmati rice, tomato-cucumber-onion salad (using homemade red wine vinegar!), and my winter staple, roasted root vegetables.

root veggies
root veggies

In the farm share this week we received carrots, fennel, and gorgeous baby turnips. I chopped them up and added some golden beets and parsnips, tossed it all with salt, garlic, and olive oil and roasted it for about an hour. I wanted to make sure we had some crispy vegetables to go along with the stew-like lamb.

There was quite the assortment of beer ingested at dinner. N and I shared a Dogfish Head's My Antonia, which we thought was light and inoffensive but nothing grand. You tried a Widmer Bros. Nelson Imperial IPA -- how did you like it? Bitter and citrusy enough? Later N and G had a couple of Avery IPAs.

Hey! We even managed to try a new game!

new game

Last weekend N and I picked up Weapons of Mass Destruction, which is a 2004 expansion for the 1965 game Nuclear War, but also playable by itself.

Thanks in part to itty bitty tiny font on the instructions, we struggled through one game, probably mostly incorrectly. One issue with the expansion-as-standalone-game is that it ends asynchronously. So poor G got knocked out first and then had to sit there bored and waiting while you and I lost our governments to N!

I think the play is quick and interesting enough that I am willing to find the base game and try it out.

After the game ended, we moved onto UNO with a quick snack of fruit and my favorite pumpkin ice cream. Poor N couldn't win a game in UNO, not even by refusing to play any cards! Funny that.

I'm off to think about Thanksgiving for a few weeks...

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