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G, inspired by N's smoked salmon, immediately got some trout to make smoked trout (one of his favorite, who would have thought you can get trout here?!). While that experiment failed, this one worked out well. I present evidence below.

The fishes was brushed with maple syrup & brown sugar, seasoned with salt, stuffed with lemon and onions, layered with bacon, wrapped in aluminum and steamed on the grill. And he did it all by himself, by which, I mean, he found the trout, selected the recipe, prepped, and grilled/steamed. We won't mention how his helper always do the prep and finish - recipes, marinates, brines, sauces, plating, etc.

Exhibit A: trouts

The trouts separated from the aluminum foil nicely, minus the tails.  With no experience serving fish, I fumbled through it. N did a great job with his. Although the maple flavor was only on the skin, the fish was tasty.

The fish was served with simple grilled yellow squash, zuc, and bell pepper, cucumber tomato salad, and couscous. For the salad, I chopped up some refrigerator pickled sweet peppers, onions & zuc, along with beefsteak tomato and English cucumber, tossed with parsley, lemon juice & zest, and a touch of olive oil. I seasoned the salad at the table with G's new fancy balsamic infused salt. N requested cilantro instead of parsley. Hmm. Does he always prefer cilantro?

G, fished (pun intended), for compliments for most of the evening. So I am marking this occasion. Beers and meade later, we were allowed to move on, but we will come back to that.

Last week, you and N introduced me to crème brûlée Imperial Milk Stout from southern tier brewing company. It is a yummy dessert beer. Is it also a good dessert?

DSCN2009 frosting fail and out of practice cake decorating

I chose Chocolate Stout Cake from epicurious over numerous other recipes due to the sour cream content. IMO, addition of sour cream improves the cake texture from good to yummy. I made the cake on Friday night and let the cakes cool over night. Saturday morning, I mixed up 3(?) cups of frosting for the layer and crumb coat. Let rest in the fridge for an hour. Then mixed up a few more cups for the final coat.

For the frosting, I improvised a cream cheese frosting, instead of the ganache. Previously, I followed a whipped cream frosting recipe, that makes a good looking, tasty, pipeable, stable frosting. I wanted to try a more chocolatey and denser frosting to go with this cake. So I increased the chocolate proportion ~12oz + 1 cups of cream cheese + 2 cups of cream.  While tasty, it was not good looking. Also, there was an alchemy fail with the frosting. I was juggling the temperature of the various componets of the frosting. I melted the chocolate with a little cream, let cool a bit, then mixed with room temperature cream cheese. Separately, whipped the cold cream until soft peak, folded all together. Somehow, bits of chocolate appeared. I may try cocoa powder next time.

After over indulging, we played a round of Bohnanza. When we saw one card in the last draw, you wisely asked for a card count. Turns out my deck is missing a Wax Bean and a Blue Bean. Sad. I will put it on my list to replace.

And ... the last words G said after you and N left,

'What did you think of that trout?"

The first words G said in the next morning,

"That trout was pretty good."


P.S. Thanks for the yummy beer and meade. I liked Avatar Jasmine IPA and Tricerahops Double IPA. I was sad I did not get any Ranger IPA. There is always next time. Thanks for another hobby!

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