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Test Kitchen

Dear E,

The Labor Day long weekend gave N the inspiration to finally build the cold smoker he's been talking about for ages.

cold smoker
cold smoker

I admit I was a little skeptical about it, especially after seeing the first batch of salmon, which was brined and ended up a bit wetter than it should have. Each subsequent batch was better and the cold smoker works great. Not bad for less than $100 investment in terracotta pots and trash cans!

While N was out buying fish to smoke, he discovered beef ribs. We haven't been able to find beef ribs in years, so of course he picked up a couple of racks and he though he'd give them a try.

Huge rib
blurry beef rib

The ribs were absolutely enormous! I think they tasted fine but the texture was a little off. They were great reheated.

I threw together a quick cabbage salad with two types of cabbage, onion, green onion, granny smith apple, and thin-sliced bell pepper. It was a very simple dinner!

While we played some Uno and Bohnanza, N smoked more fish in the cold smoker. I anticipate more test kitchen trials in the next few weeks! Get ready! Worst case I guess we order a pizza!

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  1. I am a fan of the test kitchen.

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